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Akane Sasu Sora 1 March 2018

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03:19 minute


Download English I Wanna Go Home Konosuba Akane Sasu Sora yang berdurasi 03:19 menit dengan High Quality Audio MP3, di-upload oleh Akane Sasu Sora pada tanggal 1 March 2018. Dapatkan lagu secara gratis, mudah, dan cepat hanya di Download Lagu!

Judul: English I Wanna Go Home Konosuba Akane Sasu Sora
User: Akane Sasu Sora
Nama file audio: english-i-wanna-go-home-konosuba-akane-sasu-sora.mp3
Dipublikasikan tanggal: 1 March 2018
Size: 4.62 MB
Duration: 03:19
Type of file: Audio MP3 (.mp3)
Saluran audio: Stereo, 128kbps - 320kbps
Laju sampel: 44,1 kHz

"Right now more than anything, I just wanna' leave"

We're back!

I had the pleasure of reading the KonoSuba LNs last spring when the anime finished, and I've been up to date ever since Kinda' bummed, since we're nearing the end of the series, but it's been a great ride

kazumegu 5ever btw ❤

It honestly surprised me to see a canon ship in a series like this Not that I'm complaining Aqua and everyone else are pretty cool though

Expect one or two more songs from this series in the future This cover's been done for like half a year, but I held off on releasing it because of Kimi no Na wa

Anyway, you should definitely check out KonoSuba! Start with the anime (Episode 1 is weirdly hard to get through because of the pacing, but the next 21 eps are fantastic) and you can go off the books from there Recommend reading over the parts you watched too there's some fun stuff you might've missed

Alright, that's enough outta' me Covers will be uploaded regularly from now on There's an announcement coming up too, so look out for that

'Til then!

x x x

Vocals Akane Sasu Sora (Hi!)
Lyrics Akane Sasu Sora (Hey!)
Mixing Nonon ✧乃音 (googl T2g8Dp)
Lea Ansella (googl nCaHjX)
Thanks to my bud, ScienceSlime for helping with the video!

This cover was funded by Patreon! (bitly PatreAkane)

Want a Download? Donate $1 to my KoFi with an attached email, and you'll get one! Or, become a $3+ Patron on Patreon for unlimited access to the mp3 archive! (bitly kofikane)

x x x


Leaving in the morning, without a word to say
from my house into the world, in the light of day
I might seem courageous, but once the sun goes down
you'll find that I'm the biggest crybaby around

Skies above the city, painted a lovely red
Crows and pigeons call as they soar over my head
I can see my shadow growing against the trees
Right now more than anything, I just wanna leave

Are you grilling fish? Somehow I can tell
Is that for dinner? What a lovely smell

Hear my tummy rumble It's crying out for food
I should just apologize I know I was rude
Why am I so stubborn? Why do I cry and moan?
Aah, there's one thing I want right now
I wanna go home!

On the other side of the road, I see a child,
parents nowhere to be found, sobbing, running wild
I just keep on walking Familiar, she seemed
Crying, far away from home oh wait thats me

And as my shadow fades into the dark
I hear a voice calling deep within my heart

So I start to run and I wipe my tears dry
chasing after Mr Moon, waving me goodbye
If I say I'm sorry before they go to bed
Aah, when I get home, there might still
be some dinner left!

Fish being grilled, scents linger in the air
A homecooked meal! Ahh, I wanna be there!

I can feel my tummy, it's crying out for food
I've gotta apologize! I know I was rude
Done with being stubborn, I run back down the road!
Aah, to the place where I belong!
I wanna go home!

x x x

Onward and upward

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